Providing unparalleled manual counterweight rigging anchors our list of accomplishments. Through feedback from independent engineers, laboratory testing and in-house innovation, our equipment has attained the highest standard rigging-component working load limits in the industry. Marketing directly without second tier dealers and focusing on executing the little nuances of the trade has enabled us to provide our customers with quality equipment at competitive pricing. Manufacturing unparalleled-quality manual rigging has been, and continues to be, the mainstay of Pittsburgh Stage. Our engineers and designers actively collaborate with end users, designers, and theater consultants to provide unmatched value and innovative solutions to unique demands.

Our equipment is engineered to meet our most rigorous standards. We employ a quality system that includes third-party engineering and independent testing laboratories in addition to our own in house testing and wealth of real-world experience. Having performed tens-of-thousands of projects, we understand the many nuances of theater productions and we freely recognize that each project requires a fresh perspective. Doing so, we avoid the pitfalls of using cookie-cutter equipment and designs.