Portable Staging Risers

portable staging risers

Staging Dimensions

Staging Dimensions, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of quality, versatile, portable staging products and accessories. Their modular product line is ideally suited to be configured into a variety of temporary or permanent stage installations. In addition to their standard product line, they offer custom stage design services and a complete custom fabrication facility, with rapid turnaround time for special requirements.


StageRight stands at the forefront in platform design and application, bringing over 25 years of innovative solutions and products to the industry. StageRight has products and services that can be applied to meet the design intent of any space spanning a range of Markets from Professional Arenas and Stadiums to Theater, Worship and Education. StageRight welcomes the input of the designer and end user, so that the end result exceeds expectations in both aesthetics and functionality. The sturdy and durable materials used by StageRight offer you a solid investment that will continue to exceed your needs for years to come.