Stage Drapery Fabrication

curtains fabricationAll of our stage curtains are custom fabricated to meet any unique needs.

  • We use heavy 3" polypropylene webbing at headings with #3 toothed grommets for added strength. "The salvage edges are scissor-clipped on 24" centers to relieve any puckering at the vertical seams. "

  • We install 12" x 3" heavy polypropylene webbing reinforcement from the heading to 12" beneath the heading, concealed within the side hem/turn-back of the curtain. This is done to add more strength to the leading edges of the traveler curtains, where the panel is subjected to the most abuse.
  • We also install a separate 3" x 54" flameproof strip sewn to the off-stage bottom hem of each type of our chemically treated curtains for the purpose of removing samples for testing. Without this strip samples would be cut from the hems of the curtains causing damage and premature wear.